Jonathan Katz

Father, Birder, Woodworker

I am a freelance data analyst, quantitative ecologist, amateur naturalist, and amateur woodworker in Colchester, Vermont.

The way things are going, I'll soon be an expert at raising boys -- especially twin boys. I think I'll have achieved mastery within the next 8 years. My three sons go to the local public school while both my wife and I are fortunate to work from the comfort of home. My wife's office doubles as our bedroom, and my office doubles as the basement. One day I'm going to convert the tool shed to a proper office!

Savannah Sparrow, somewhere along the CA coast

Long-eared Owl, Mercy Hot Springs CA

Hoffman's 76, Davis CA

I used to spend my free time chasing birds. Over the last decade I've assembled a small woodshop, so I spend more and more of my free time making sawdust each year. I could go on for a while about the tools down there, but most people aren't that interested. Most of them are salvaged, so they tend to be pretty old and were in need of a rebuild when I got them. Most were not expensive even when they were new. My prized tools are a 1978 Delta model 10 table saw, a 1972 Craftsman/Emerson 15 1/2" drill press, a 1956 Craftsman/Parks 12" planer, a 1942 Craftsman/Walker Turner 6" jointer, and a 1968 Craftsman/Emerson 12" band saw. Once I bought a new router. It was expensive, so I hope I never do that again.

I put this site together for a couple of reasons. First, I'm an R enthusiast, and I enjoy sharing what I know and offering tips for solving problems in R. Second, I've been involved in a couple of projects (such as the R package monitoR) that I hope to showcase here. Last, but not least, I'm not a social media enthusiast so of course I need a platform to show off what I can do to prospective clients.

These photos are just a few I took years ago. I put them here for fun.